How to fix bad sectors on WD hard drive?

To repair bad sectors on the WD hard drive, you can try the CHKDSK command to repair those bad sectors. But before that, it is wise to first recover any important data.

Step 1. Press the Windows key+ R key to open the “Run” dialogue. Type in ”cmd” and hit on “Enter”.

Step 2. Type chkdsk g: /f /r /x and hit Enter. (Replace g with the drive letter of your hard drive.)

Chkdsk Check Error

This Chkdsk will attempt to fix soft bad sectors, and mark hard bad sectors so they won’t be used again. Every parameter means:

  • /f: Fixes errors on the disk.

  • /r: Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information.

  • /x: Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary.

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